Errol Trotman was born a native of New Amsterdam, Guyana in 1955. AT an early age he developed a passion of expression for the arts and music was his calling. He painted, drew and passionatly played the drums. The first highlight of his career was also the end of this duration. Shortly after the Independence of the Nation Trotman reunited with his parents in England. The only memory that remains is the autograph of the Duke of Kent on his Marching Drum. Marking an emblem of appreciation for his devotion and heartfelt dedication to the Berbice Junior Band.

No sooner than 5 years later Trotman found his way back to Music. At age 16 he joined the British Army and trained as a professional Drummer/Percussionist. 1977 he was posted to Fallingbostel in Niedersachsen in Germany.

Of the many music projects he undertook, predominantly his engagement for juniors, he was mostly committed more towards a variety of Theatre engagements; among others the Bremer Shakespeare Company.

In search of true perfection of his new art form as an actor, Trotman participated in acting lessons in form of work-shops and seminars from Geraldine Baron, Walter Lott und John Costopoulos, who were themselves trainers at the Lee Strasbergs “Actors Studio” in New York. Errol took the Master Class of MK Lewis, famed tutor of acting from LA, which was held in Cologne in Germany also the Meisner classes held in Berlin by Hendrik Martz – an alumni of the Sandfor Meisner School of NY. Gabriela Scharnitzky’s seminar based on The Stella Adler method of acting was also an important aspect of this ungoing training. Errol Trotman resides momentarily in Berlin.

Along his work as an actor he dedicates some of his time in coaching younger actors and voice over work.